Sunday, January 24, 2010

giving up old friends

I'm sad to say that I've given up two old and dear friends. They have been with me for four decades, almost. They have never given me any trouble, in fact they are very quiet. They have always been there for me,just looking over my shoulder, and helping me out when I needed them.They are the softest friends a girl could ever have.I have been teased alot for having them be my friends, especially some of my granddaughters. Let's face it, it's time to let go, in fact I said goodbye to them months ago. What is REALLY funny though,is,no one has said one thing about my friends being gone.I miss them sometimes, especially when I'm getting ready to go out somewhere.Soooo this is goodbye, my soft little frinds.

Now wait a minute, my dear and loving followers. Stop and think of something in your life that you would never want to giveup. FOR INSTANCE, the guy i'm married to had a holy living fit just last week ,because I told him I'd thrown those old worn-out shoes (with NO toes left in them) away. I mean he was mad. When ever he'd come in the house, his shoes looked like a snowman's, they were so filled with snow. Out of fear for my well being, and thankfully I hadn't actually thrown them out, I told him where they were , and we dropped the subject, never to bring it up again(maybe!!!!)Now everyone who happens to read this, think first about something you have or have had, that you'd never considered throwing away. Now you little stinkers who always said to me "Grandma,you've got your shoulder pads on again" huh?"Well seriously. those were swell additions to any woman who was built like a pear,so ha ha ha.

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