Saturday, February 6, 2010

A tribute to my daughter

I mentioned in my last blog, how much fun it was to have a houseful of family. Well, this would never have been possible if not for the work and determination of Tani. I'm always after her to come up for a few days and visit. This time when I asked her this question, she said "You know, maybe I will," and she set the wheels in motion. It's hard to get three little kids, plus herself, packed and ready to go. PLUS, the weather this time of year is so crazy and unpredictable, but she is a brave and strong lady, and she is a good driver,(from Utah, you have to be). Anyway the little family made it up and back,safely, Of which her mom and dad are very grateful! She is quite a lady, and a great mother, and a good daughter. The only thing missing from this little trip,were our two older granchildren. They were spending time with their dad. Jace and Alexys, Grandpa and I missed you being here very much.

I have a pillow that Tani made for me, and it pretty well sums up a woman's desire out of life.

It says as follows..........

"Here's to Good Women,

May We Know Them

May We Be Them

May We Raise Them

Friday, February 5, 2010

A House Full of Love!!!!!

What a whirlwind of fun! For a few days the house was bulging with "little people" of all ages, and this ol' Grandpa and Grandma loved every minute of it. Most of the oohs and awes went to the "Little Mister" who made his very 1st trip to that wonderful state of Idaho. We could just see him growing and thriving from this good clean air, and being with his grandparents. Then there was the little"almost two year old mini-tornado" that just delighted the whole bunch of us.The little munchkin knows more about computers than I'll ever know. She calls it "my pooter", as we were getting her down from it . And then there is our sweet and gorgeous six year old, who is so much help. She and I had a great time making Grandpa his chocolate chip cookies. She did most of the work, staying at it till we were finished. Thank you for being my little helper! Then, here came three of the prettiest little GREAT granddaughters one could ever have, and of course their mom is another cutie of a granddaughter. Then we were pleasantly surprised with a visit from Kylee, who right now has so many stars in her gorgeous eyes. Why, you ask, well this granddaughter is planning her wedding. Need I say more? To make the evening complete, our special little family from next door dropped in . Darrin, Melissa, Alecia, Cody,Jenny Llyn(named after me!), and Ben. I love these guys so much. The three men are soooo handsome, and the three ladies are beauties!!! Now I ask myself, how could one person be so darn lucky. I'm so very blessed to have all these people in my life. Was a fun time!
Thanks everyone!!!

My children think my mother is the most wonderful person on the face of this earth, and I keep telling my children, "That's not the same person I grew up with. You're looking at an old person who's trying to get into heaven now"
_Bill Cosby