Saturday, February 6, 2010

A tribute to my daughter

I mentioned in my last blog, how much fun it was to have a houseful of family. Well, this would never have been possible if not for the work and determination of Tani. I'm always after her to come up for a few days and visit. This time when I asked her this question, she said "You know, maybe I will," and she set the wheels in motion. It's hard to get three little kids, plus herself, packed and ready to go. PLUS, the weather this time of year is so crazy and unpredictable, but she is a brave and strong lady, and she is a good driver,(from Utah, you have to be). Anyway the little family made it up and back,safely, Of which her mom and dad are very grateful! She is quite a lady, and a great mother, and a good daughter. The only thing missing from this little trip,were our two older granchildren. They were spending time with their dad. Jace and Alexys, Grandpa and I missed you being here very much.

I have a pillow that Tani made for me, and it pretty well sums up a woman's desire out of life.

It says as follows..........

"Here's to Good Women,

May We Know Them

May We Be Them

May We Raise Them

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