Friday, June 25, 2010

Yes, we are really glad we had a little girl!

From April 19th until June 17th, Tanielle's life took on a new twist. She didn't ask for it, but without murmuring she shared her life and family with her mom and dad and "Intermountain
Health Care", a hospital in Murray, Utah. Her dad had pretty intensive surgery, and for days and days it was touch and go with his life. Somehow she recieved the strength and energy to continue to take her usual excellent care of her house and five children, PLUS go to the hospital almost every day and sit with her dad. This could not have been easy for her,but she just did it. She always drew great little pictures for him, on his dry erase board, to cheer him, but guess what , it also cheered the rest of us. Thanks honey, for the little things, that the rest of us wouldn't even think of. She also kept his washing done up, ya' like she already had mounds of her families to do. She has for those months also run the McDaniel Hotel and Restaurant, and talk about reasonable prices!!! Free,Free, Free!!! It was the softest, sweetest moments, as we helped her dad into the suburban to take him to Idaho. I don't know who cried the most, as she hugged him goodbye, but I know for a fact my daughter, Dad nor I will never, ever forget the many hours of compassionate service you rendered. Yes, we are glad that we had a little daughter.(personal joke)

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  1. I can't believe I just finally read this! Oh how I miss him, I wouldn't trade spending that time at the hospital for anything! I love you mom, hang in there!