Friday, June 25, 2010

Yes, we are really glad we had a little girl!

From April 19th until June 17th, Tanielle's life took on a new twist. She didn't ask for it, but without murmuring she shared her life and family with her mom and dad and "Intermountain
Health Care", a hospital in Murray, Utah. Her dad had pretty intensive surgery, and for days and days it was touch and go with his life. Somehow she recieved the strength and energy to continue to take her usual excellent care of her house and five children, PLUS go to the hospital almost every day and sit with her dad. This could not have been easy for her,but she just did it. She always drew great little pictures for him, on his dry erase board, to cheer him, but guess what , it also cheered the rest of us. Thanks honey, for the little things, that the rest of us wouldn't even think of. She also kept his washing done up, ya' like she already had mounds of her families to do. She has for those months also run the McDaniel Hotel and Restaurant, and talk about reasonable prices!!! Free,Free, Free!!! It was the softest, sweetest moments, as we helped her dad into the suburban to take him to Idaho. I don't know who cried the most, as she hugged him goodbye, but I know for a fact my daughter, Dad nor I will never, ever forget the many hours of compassionate service you rendered. Yes, we are glad that we had a little daughter.(personal joke)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Make a big deal out of little pleasures

My gosh, it's a busy world in the life and times of Bonnie. Sometimes life just seems to race by so quickly for me, and I want to shout, "hey family, you're all growing up so fast", and it startles me, but at the same time, I get a warm happy feeling when I think of my family. I've got new babies to kiss and cuddle, and wonderful little "busy, busy" toddlers, that just seems to love me regardless of what I do , how I look , or how silly I am. I've got the between toddlers and teenagers, who are so smart, they absolutely blow me away. then there are the "teenagers", and guess what, I've got the best He has ever sent to this earth. Oh yeah, the parents of all these wonders are pretty darn special also. Lately I've been pre-occupied with other matters,but I have a little reminder on my wall that brings me back to all my blessings.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A tribute to my daughter

I mentioned in my last blog, how much fun it was to have a houseful of family. Well, this would never have been possible if not for the work and determination of Tani. I'm always after her to come up for a few days and visit. This time when I asked her this question, she said "You know, maybe I will," and she set the wheels in motion. It's hard to get three little kids, plus herself, packed and ready to go. PLUS, the weather this time of year is so crazy and unpredictable, but she is a brave and strong lady, and she is a good driver,(from Utah, you have to be). Anyway the little family made it up and back,safely, Of which her mom and dad are very grateful! She is quite a lady, and a great mother, and a good daughter. The only thing missing from this little trip,were our two older granchildren. They were spending time with their dad. Jace and Alexys, Grandpa and I missed you being here very much.

I have a pillow that Tani made for me, and it pretty well sums up a woman's desire out of life.

It says as follows..........

"Here's to Good Women,

May We Know Them

May We Be Them

May We Raise Them

Friday, February 5, 2010

A House Full of Love!!!!!

What a whirlwind of fun! For a few days the house was bulging with "little people" of all ages, and this ol' Grandpa and Grandma loved every minute of it. Most of the oohs and awes went to the "Little Mister" who made his very 1st trip to that wonderful state of Idaho. We could just see him growing and thriving from this good clean air, and being with his grandparents. Then there was the little"almost two year old mini-tornado" that just delighted the whole bunch of us.The little munchkin knows more about computers than I'll ever know. She calls it "my pooter", as we were getting her down from it . And then there is our sweet and gorgeous six year old, who is so much help. She and I had a great time making Grandpa his chocolate chip cookies. She did most of the work, staying at it till we were finished. Thank you for being my little helper! Then, here came three of the prettiest little GREAT granddaughters one could ever have, and of course their mom is another cutie of a granddaughter. Then we were pleasantly surprised with a visit from Kylee, who right now has so many stars in her gorgeous eyes. Why, you ask, well this granddaughter is planning her wedding. Need I say more? To make the evening complete, our special little family from next door dropped in . Darrin, Melissa, Alecia, Cody,Jenny Llyn(named after me!), and Ben. I love these guys so much. The three men are soooo handsome, and the three ladies are beauties!!! Now I ask myself, how could one person be so darn lucky. I'm so very blessed to have all these people in my life. Was a fun time!
Thanks everyone!!!

My children think my mother is the most wonderful person on the face of this earth, and I keep telling my children, "That's not the same person I grew up with. You're looking at an old person who's trying to get into heaven now"
_Bill Cosby

Sunday, January 24, 2010

giving up old friends

I'm sad to say that I've given up two old and dear friends. They have been with me for four decades, almost. They have never given me any trouble, in fact they are very quiet. They have always been there for me,just looking over my shoulder, and helping me out when I needed them.They are the softest friends a girl could ever have.I have been teased alot for having them be my friends, especially some of my granddaughters. Let's face it, it's time to let go, in fact I said goodbye to them months ago. What is REALLY funny though,is,no one has said one thing about my friends being gone.I miss them sometimes, especially when I'm getting ready to go out somewhere.Soooo this is goodbye, my soft little frinds.

Now wait a minute, my dear and loving followers. Stop and think of something in your life that you would never want to giveup. FOR INSTANCE, the guy i'm married to had a holy living fit just last week ,because I told him I'd thrown those old worn-out shoes (with NO toes left in them) away. I mean he was mad. When ever he'd come in the house, his shoes looked like a snowman's, they were so filled with snow. Out of fear for my well being, and thankfully I hadn't actually thrown them out, I told him where they were , and we dropped the subject, never to bring it up again(maybe!!!!)Now everyone who happens to read this, think first about something you have or have had, that you'd never considered throwing away. Now you little stinkers who always said to me "Grandma,you've got your shoulder pads on again" huh?"Well seriously. those were swell additions to any woman who was built like a pear,so ha ha ha.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tender feelings of a silly little old grandma

One month ago yesterday,December 18th,2009,I received the sweetest, softest, most handsome little bundle from Heaven,A GRANDSON !!!! Unless you are a Grandma, it's hard to explain the feelings I had when I got to hold him for the very first time.I felt almost reverent,and even a little unworthy, because I realized this precious little boy had so very recently left Heavenly Father's care, and now it was up to me to be the very best Grandma I could be.His other Grandma (Oma), who just passed away not long ago,I hope got to kiss him goodbye,and send him on his way to start his own little journey on earth. I'll give him lots of kisses for you, Oma!! Oh my, do I sound like a new grandma? Well heck no, this is grandchild #25, for us, so I've got to go through these tender little feelings many times, and I've loved every single experience.Did I say I have the 25 best grandchildren ever? I must say though, this time, I also felt a little sad. Rumor has it that this is the last grandchild I will get. BUT, did I also mention that "greatgrandchild" #13 is on his way in March? I know I sorta have to step back for their grandparents, but I will still sneak in as many hugs and kisses as I can. Watch out "family reunion 2011" when these 2 little guys get together. Fun, Fun, Fun! P.S. I love you so so so much, KELTON CHAD!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"These are a few of my favorite things!"

What a happy day! Being with six really delightful grandchildren, on Jace's big day. He is the guy on the left, and this day he was ordained a Deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A huge responsibility, but he will be a great example to his friends and family. Grandpa and I are proud of you, Jace. He has a great friend and support with his cousin, Cody, standing there with him.And, he has a beautiful lady cousin, and three beautiful sisters to cheer him on. Way to go Jace!!! We love you !!