Saturday, April 10, 2010

Make a big deal out of little pleasures

My gosh, it's a busy world in the life and times of Bonnie. Sometimes life just seems to race by so quickly for me, and I want to shout, "hey family, you're all growing up so fast", and it startles me, but at the same time, I get a warm happy feeling when I think of my family. I've got new babies to kiss and cuddle, and wonderful little "busy, busy" toddlers, that just seems to love me regardless of what I do , how I look , or how silly I am. I've got the between toddlers and teenagers, who are so smart, they absolutely blow me away. then there are the "teenagers", and guess what, I've got the best He has ever sent to this earth. Oh yeah, the parents of all these wonders are pretty darn special also. Lately I've been pre-occupied with other matters,but I have a little reminder on my wall that brings me back to all my blessings.